Miebo Eye Drops- What is Miebo?

By Dr Leigh Plowman, Optometrist (Updated Dec 2023) Here is a full transcript of the Youtube Video above: In this video, we’ll be talking about Miebo®, what is it, who it’s for, and how it helps: My name’s Dr. Leigh Plowman, Optometrist. I’m the founder of the Dry Eye Directory. Today we’ll be talking about […]

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Dry Eye At A Glance

Dry eyes can be an incredibly frustrating experience, one that can range from uncomfortable to downright painful. Dry eyes occur when your eyes don’t make enough tears or when the tears that are produced can’t do their job of coating the surface of your eyes correctly. This condition, unfortunately, affects millions of people in the

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Tyrvaya vs iTear100 for Dry Eyes

Neurostimulation: How your nose can give relief from Dry Eyes Ever have itchy or watery eyes? If you’ve been using a device, smartphone or staring at a screen, you may have experienced symptoms of dry eyes. You may have felt itchy eyes, watery eyes, tired eyes, red eyes, filmy/smeary vision,  light sensitivity, stingy eyes. You may

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7 Tips to Sooth Dry Eyes

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FAST natural relief from dry eye syndrome (PDF).

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