Best Products for Dry Eyes and the Benefits of a Dry Eyes Warm Compress

Don’t like experimenting with dry eye treatments?

Here are the dry eye treatments we use personally
…and recommend to our patients

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Eyes Are The Story


ZocuShield Gel

Ziena Glasses

Tear Restore


It goes without saying that we only ever recommend resources we know and trust, but before we dive in – an important disclosure:

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Eyes Are The Story

eyes are the story
Dry Eye Friendly Skincare and Makeup-Try the 2020 Capsule Collection

Dr Plowman’s wife Alina loves this dry-eye-friendly skincare and makeup range. She uses the 2020 Capsule Collection with serum, cleanser and mascara. She loves the feeling of putting it on, and how easily it comes off at the end of the day.

Who is this product not for? People who rarely use skincare or makeup.

Buy Eyes Are The Story online in USA or Canada

(Outside these areas? Send me a message to find the nearest stockist near you via Facebook Messenger)

Nulids (Best at home treatment for Blepharitis and MGD)

Home dry eye treatment to reduce blepharitis and switch on oil glands

I love the feeling of using Nulids. My favourite use is to apply a drop of Zocushield Gel to the Nulids silicon tip. Then switch on the device and use it on my eyelids. This combination offers significant relief from dry eye discomfort. Nulids device cleanses the eyelid area and switches on oil glands .

Nulids device cleanses the eyelid area and switches on oil glands

ZocuShield Gel

This gel is made from a vegetable called Okra. Sounds interesting?

ZocuShield Gel has discomfort/pain reducing properties. It also helps reduce blepharitis and kill bacteria/demodex.

You squeeze a tiny amount of gel and put it on the outside of your eyelids. Rub it in gently (one ZocuShield syringe lasts a long time). If you use Nulids, Zocushield can give you even more relief. Try ZocuShield Gel – it feels great!

zocushield gel

Ziena / 7Eye Dry Eye Glasses

Do you have sore eyes when you put on a face mask? Work in wind, dust or air conditioning? Or just want relief from dry eyes?

Dr Plowman personally wears Ziena Marina frames. These frames block things from getting in. Plus they keep more of your normal tears.

Want to know where to get these? Which models should you choose? Send a Facebook Message now

You can get them in prescription too. Ask for the anti-fog lenses. They’re great!

Want to know your sizing? Send me a Facebook Message to talk about the right models for you. Ziena Marina Dry Eye Glasses fit around 80% of people .

dry eye glasses - ziena
Ziena Marina Dry Eye Glasses fit around 80% of people

Tear Restore (Best warm compress for dry eyes)

Warm compress that you don’t have to plug in!

I love the feeling of the warmth from this new heat system for dry eyes and MGD. For me, it gives soothing around my face and eyes. Here’s what I love about Tear Restore System:

  • Warm lasts for ten minutes per mask (I like to use at least two for sustained heat)
  • Easy to re-activate & disinfect (heat in a kettle or saucepan for about five minutes to reactivate)
  • Keep doing your activities (see through the holes and enjoy the warmth)

Who is this product not for? People who prefer to close their eyes during treatment. Try the Tear Restore Eye Warm Compress .

Tear restore mask for dry eyes
Try the Tear Restore Warm Compress

Stare at a computer all day? Feel like you’re forgotten to blink or have a feeling of something in the eye?

Eyeblink is a free app that helps you to get work done and reminds you to blink.

It gives you:

  • Blink stats
  • Interactive training
  • Less brightness and blue light
  • Smart breaks

Eyeblink has been a great reminder for me whenever I use a laptop or desktop computer. (No smartphone version currently available.)

eyeblink app to remind computer users to blink

These are some of the products that I know and trust. I hope they give you relief too.

Dr Leigh Plowman, Optometrist

7 Tips to Sooth Dry Eyes

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FAST natural relief from dry eye syndrome (PDF).

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