Dry Eye Glasses: Natural Dry Eye Relief in Minutes

Written and Medically Reviewed by Dr Leigh Plowman, Optometrist (updated Sept 2022)

Looking for dry eye glasses? Want to learn more about how they work?

Can You Get Glasses for Dry Eyes?

Dry eye glasses can give you natural dry eye relief in minutes.

Dry eye glasses are designed to cover the entire area of your face which is near your eyes.


Dry eye glasses with a silicon gasket that rests gently around your eye area (Image: Dry Eye Directory)

Do Dry Eye Glasses work?

Dry eye glasses are a natural way to keep your eyes feeling comfortable.

Scientific journals have shown that they:

The reason for this is so that there aren’t any gaps in between, thus preventing irritation or discomfort from drafts and other things around you.

Dry eye glasses keep more of your natural tears in your eyes. The best part is that you get relief without using eye drops!

Where can you get dry eye glasses?

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In this article, we cover more about dry eye glasses. We’ll also cover common questions that you may have.

What Are Moisture Chamber Glasses?

Moisture chamber eye glasses, typically called dry eye glasses, are designed to control and reduce the causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and safest option people have to ease dry eye discomfort. Of course, they don’t replace medical treatment, but they do significantly improve quality of life.

Many of them are sports wrap-around sunglasses with foam on a removable gasket or the frame.

However, there is one brand, Ziena Eyewear, that designs dry eye glasses with a discreet silicone shield that you can wear indoors and even at work without standing out.


Dry Eye Glasses like the Ziena

How Do Moisture Chamber Glasses Work?

Dry eye glasses have a gasket (also called eyecup) that comfortably encompasses your eyes, creating a seal around them. As a result, it shields your eyes from wind, dust, pollen, and other drying factors in the air, including air conditioning.

With these glasses, your eyes can retain some moisture while also getting much-needed relief from the usual soreness that dry eye syndrome causes. Moreover, it makes you less reliant on eye drops and ointments.

Are Dry Eye Glasses Comfortable?

It depends on the brand. Ziena Eyewear makes moisture chamber glasses with a soft and gentle eyecup that’s significantly comfortable against the skin.

If you want to improve your condition in the office or while you use a computer, these dry eye glasses are highly recommended.

Some 7eye glasses and sunglasses are good choices for sensitive eyes.

They offer excellent protection from wind, dust, and pollen while outside and have comfortable, insulated eyecups that create separate moisture chambers around each eye.

If you opt for 7eye glasses with tinted lenses, their appearance becomes similar to wrap-around sunglasses, making them suitable for outdoor use.

If the lens is clear, the Ziena gasket is see-through, making them look more like normal glasses.

Which Glasses Are Best for Dry Eyes?

We’ve already mentioned some brands that manufacture excellent dry eye glasses, but let’s get into their specifics. After all, they have several models available, and picking one can be slightly tricky.

Ziena Moisture Chamber Glasses

Ziena’s moisture chamber glasses feature a soft, latex-free, silicone eyecup that creates the moisture chamber. These help you maintain moisture while offering protection from air irritants such as pollen, dust, wind, air conditioning, and more. They come with numerous lens options, including photochromic lenses.

Ziena has several different designs available. For instance, you can change the lens type, frame color, and eyecup color of every pair of glasses. However, they do fit different face sizes, so you have to take note and get a fitting pair.

Overall, the discreet dry eye glasses from Ziena are the best ones you can get if you’re considering them for indoor use. They look just like your usual pair of glasses if you choose the clear lenses, and the gentle silicone eyecups make them significantly comfortable to wear.

Moreover, every lens option offers complete protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you require prescription glasses. Every design you see on Ziena’s moisture chamber collection can accommodate prescriptions, as long as you have a valid one.

You can choose the lens materials and opt for some other features such as scratch warranty, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coating.

7eye AirShield

The 7eye AirShield is another splendid solution for people who suffer from dry eye, thanks to its patented technology: the non-air-permeable orbital seal.

It’s a multi-material eyecup that keeps moisture in and effectively blocks light, wind, and other irritants by filling the space between your face and the glasses’ frame front.

Like the Ziena moisture chamber glasses, it comes with various lens options, including photochromic ones.

There are several dry eye glasses that feature the AirShield technology.

If you’re looking for dry eye glasses with excellent wind protection and moisture retention, the 7eye AirShield ones might be ideal.

The design of these glasses primarily lends itself to outdoor ventures such as cycling, hiking, and other high-velocity activities. After all, if you opt for darker lenses, they become similar to sunglasses.

Do you wear prescription lenses? Every model is available with prescription. You can get a single vision prescription, lined bifocal, and progressive.

In addition, you can choose the material of the lenses and whether the prescription glasses come with a special coating and warranty.

How Can You Clean Eyewear for Dry Eyes?

In the case of Ziena glasses, the eyecup is attached to the frame with tiny magnets, so it’s easy to clean and replace. To remove it, you have to gently pull on one end of the eyecup until it separates. Afterward, you can use wet wipes or hypoallergenic make-up remover wipes to clean it.

AirShield glasses follow a similar cleaning method, but to remove the foam, you have to gently pull the glasses’ arms apart until the seal releases.

Don’t try to pull the foam as it can permanently damage the AirShield technology. If any of these two glasses are prescription ones, it still follows the same procedure.

How Can You Decide Which Dry Eye Glasses to Get?

The most important choice is choosing the right size. Dry eye glasses need to fit well in order to protect your eyes.

Otherwise, they can’t properly function as a protective barrier against eye irritants like wind and dust.

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These glasses should use hypoallergenic materials to avoid triggering allergic responses or any other reaction that could worsen the dry eyes soreness.

They should block UVA and UVB rays as well, and each frame should be able to accommodate several lenses.

Lastly, they should perform the essential functions that every other eyewear does. The glasses should be attractive, durable, and accessible.

They should improve your vision and fit comfortably around your eyes. In the end, the long-term health benefits are worth the effort.

Does Insurance Ever Pay for Prescription Ziena Moisture Chamber Glasses?

Yes, you can claim your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) when purchasing new prescription eyewear.

It doesn’t matter whether you use the insurance debit card or require a receipt to take to your provider; Ziena Eyewear provides every resource you need.

If you require more information about how these plans work, you can check the health insurance exchange website, HealthCare.gov.


Dry eyes cause can be significantly disruptive, but dry eye glasses can give relief in minutes.

Those looking to get the best ones available should browse Ziena Eyewear. There, you can find unmatched dry eyewear in numerous designs suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, all of which are available with prescription lenses.

Nonetheless, even if you have the best pair of glasses for your dry eyes issue, it’s essential to check up regularly with an optometrist. After all, the glasses don’t fix dry eyes, only mitigate it, and it’s easier to avoid potential health issues the sooner doctors identify the risks.

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