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There are a number of tests that our Optometrist’s perform to assess the type and severity of your Dry Eye Disease.

  • Symptom type, severity and duration,
  • Tear film quantity and quality,
  • TearLab Osmolarity (salt content of the tear film),
  • Tear gland secretion, quality and stability,
  • Assessment of the eyelids and eyelid function, and
  • Assessment of the glands and their function.

Once the Optometrist has assessed and determined the underlying cause of your Dry Eye Disease, they will be able to formulate a tailored treatment plan for you which may include a combination of the the following:

    • Specific lubricant eye drops (differing composition for the different tear film imbalances),
    • Prescription eye drops (including steroid eye drops for inflammatory conditions),
    • Nutrition advice and/or Omega-3 supplements e.g. Lacritec,
    • Daily hot compress and lid massage,
    • Manual expression of the Meibomian glands,
    • Punctal Occlusion,
    • Bandage contact lenses and Scleral lenses (for protection of the eye surface),
    • LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation treatment, and
    • E>Eye IPL.


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7 Tips to Sooth Dry Eyes

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FAST natural relief from dry eye syndrome (PDF).

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