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Address: 1181 Cameron Road, Gate Pa, Tauranga 3112, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Fax: 075716050 

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About Us


Bay Eye Care runs a dedicated dry eye and blepharitis clinic to look after people suffering from these bothersome conditions.

We use a range of cutting-edge technologies to assess and diagnose your eye condition including:

  • Non invasive tear break up time with the Medmont E300 corneal topographer,
  • TearLab tear chemistry testing,
  • Meibomian gland expression and assessment with transillumination,
  • Phenol red thread test to assess aqueous deficiency,
  • Ocular surface vital dye staining,
  • Light microscopy of epilated lash to confirm the presence of demodex mites.

In-office treatments

  • IPL therapy,
  • BlephEx lid exfoliation,
  • Lid margin debridement,
  • Lacrimal lavage,
  • Punctal plugs,
  • Scleral lens fitting.

Home treatments:

  • prescription of oral and topical anti-inflammatory medications,
  • lubricants and ointments,
  • heat masks,
  • supplements to improve tear production
  • lid hygiene products.


Open Hours

Monday:All day 

Tuesday:All day 

Wednesday: Appointment only 

Thursday:All day 

Friday:All day 



7 Tips to Sooth Dry Eyes

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FAST natural relief from dry eye syndrome (PDF).

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