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Address: Westfield Kotara, Northcott Drive, Kotara NSW, Australia

Suite:  H Plus Suites 

Ph:02 4088 8886

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Welcome to Dry Eye Solution, your premier destination for professional Dry Eye Disease (DED) care. Our network of state-of-the-art clinics is designed to deliver unparalleled diagnostics and treatments.


As dedicated Dry Eye Clinics, we specialise in treating all aspects of Dry Eye Disease, employing the holistic approach needed to nurture your optimal eye health.


At Dry Eye Solution, we take pride in providing cutting-edge technology to assist your recovery from Dry Eye Disease. Step into our clinics, where the latest Lumenis OptiLight IPL and Oculus Keratograph 5m. set the gold standard in DED technology, ensuring you receive the highest quality care.


Taught by the best to be our best

Our team of optometrists undergoes full training by Dr. Rolando Toyos M.D. (USA), the global leader in Dry Eye Disease treatment and the pioneering mind behind IPL for DED treatment. This dedication ensures that every patient at Dry Eye Solution receives the professional support they need from our amazing team, pioneered by Dr Toyos.


We extend our care to address diet and gut health, aiming to reduce inflammation and embodying a holistic philosophy that treats you as a whole person. Our commitment and passion for Dry Eye Disease treatment positions us as leaders in the field, providing a consistent level of exceptional care across all our clinics. Every patient, regardless of the location, can anticipate the same warm and attentive level of service.


Embark on a journey to experience the clarity of life with Dry Eye Solution – where leading-edge technology harmonises with professional expertise in a nurturing and compassionate environment.


  Dry Eye Solution – See life more clearly


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Monday:9.00am - 5pm  

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7 Tips to Sooth Dry Eyes

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FAST natural relief from dry eye syndrome (PDF).

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