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A detailed elicitation of history and a thorough clinical examination of the eye will assist an ophthalmologist to arrive at a diagnosis. There are some diagnostic tests that aid in diagnosing, grading the severity and monitoring response to treatment.

Diagnostic testing

  • Corneal sensation: reduced sensation may be present in chronic dry eye disease or neurological conditions
  • Tear break up time (TBUT): TBUT is an indication of tear film stability
  • Ocular surface staining using dyes like Fluorescein sodium, Rose Bengal and Lissamine green
  • Schirmer test: It is most useful in the diagnosis of patients with severe aqueous deficiency.
  • Tear meniscus height: The tear meniscus height can be used to estimate tear volume.
  • Inflammatory markers in the tears
  • Tear Osmolarity
  • Tear film interferometry: Method of grading tear film quality and estimating the thickness of the lipid layer
  • Blood work up if associated with systemic symptoms

At Pristine Eye Hospitals we use The OCULUS Keratograph to obtain several parameters that would assist in diagnosis of dry eye and monitor response to treatment


Treatment depends on the cause and severity of dry eye. Some of the treatment options are:

  • Tear supplements: Artificial tears and gels
  • Tear conservation: Punctal plugs (to block the outflow of tears) or nighttime masks/goggles
  • Secretagogues: Augment tear secretion
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Allied treatment methods for adnexal disease
  • Oral flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements
  • Autologous serum tears
  • Minor interventions: Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, Meibomian gland massage, Blephex for Blepheritis
    At Pristine Eye Hospitals we follow a STEP approach for diagnosis and management of dry eye disease


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