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What is Novatears? How does it help dry eyes?

Dry eye disease is one of the leading eye conditions in the world. It causes constant eye irritation that can damage your vision in the long run.

There are two main types of dry eye disease — Evaporative Dry Eye Disease and Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye Disease.

Evaporative Dry Eye Disease is the condition when the tears evaporate too fast. It is often caused by the lack of oil production in the tear film, also known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Evaporative Dry Eye Disease is the most prevalent type of this eye condition.

Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye Disease, on the other hand, is characterised by a concentrated and unstable tear film caused by the lack of aqueous tear secretion. If not treated promptly, lead to evaporative dry eye disease.

Some patients may also suffer from a combination of the two types, which often leads to a more severe form of dry eye disease.

Through the years, there have been several innovations, including various treatment and diagnostic procedures. Eyecare experts have been devising treatment plans, technologies, and medications to treat dry eye disease.

When it comes to medications, eye drops or artificial tears are the most common options for patients. There are several brands of artificial tears available in the market. One of the most notable ones is the Novatears, an eye drop specially formulated for evaporative dry eye disease.

Introducing Novatears

Novatears is an innovative relief for dry eyes. It has a preservative and water-free formula. Novatears lubricates the surface of the eyes and helps stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film. It is available in multi-dose bottle.

So what makes Novatears a better option than other eye drops on the market? Unlike other eye drops, Novatears utilises a patented technology called EyeSol. With this, Novatears can improve tear film stability and quality better than other brands.

What is EyeSol Technology?

EyeSol, the patented technology behind Novatears is based on the specific semifluorinated alkanes (SFAs), Perfluorohexyloctane. These compounds are transparent, non-toxic and inert amphiphilic liquids and have the same refractive index as water. They cause very low surface tension and viscosity, so it does not stimulate reflex blinking or tearing up, unlike other formulas.

EyeSol is the first and only water-free technology for eye products. EyeSol technology is clinically proven to be safe and effective. It is IP protected an proprietary to Novaliq. The EyeSol technology of Novatears allows it to provide significant therapeutic benefits for dry eye patients.

Novatears powered by the EyeSol technology spreads rapidly to the surface of the eye, providing a transparent monolayer that prevents blurring of vision. Since EyeSol products have amphiphilic nature, they interact well with the lipid layer of tears and help stabilise and restore damaged tear films.

EyeSol Technology vs Water-Based Formula

EyeSol is far more superior compared to other eye drops that are water-based. Here are some notable differences:

1. In terms of residual time on the eye, EyeSol-based eyedrops last for about 4 minutes while water-based drops last for only about 15-30 seconds.

2. An EyeSol-based formula can also penetrate the cornea up to four times more effective than water-based drops.

3. EyeSol-based drops spread more evenly on the surface of the eye compared to those that are water-based.

4. Most water-based formulas also require the use of preservatives, unlike the preservative-free EyeSol technology.

Novatears is Clinically Tested and Proven Effective

Researchers from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology reported that the new eye drop containing Perfluorohexyloctane (Novatears) improved the thickness of the lipid layer and tear film for patients with mild to moderate dry eye disease.

In the study conducted by Gerard Garhöfer, MD, and colleagues, 48 patients are divided into two groups. One group applied Novatears in both eyes for 4 weeks while the other group used an unpreserved 0.9% saline drops.

The tear film thickness (TFT) and lipid layer thickness (LLT) were assessed before, during and after the study.

At day 1, patients who used Novatears noticed an immediate increase in TFT with a mean difference of 1.29% and it continuously went up from there. By week 2, there’s a 4.33% increase in TFT and a whopping 6.42% at week 4.

The improvement in LTL is also more pronounced in Novatears compared to the saline solution. According to the data provided by the researchers, it was 13.36% ± 26.33% vs. 3.21% ± 28.65% (Novatears vs saline solution).

Several studies prove the effectiveness of Novatears in dealing with the symptoms of dry eye disease, preventing rapid evaporation by stabilising the lipid layer and tear film.

How Does Novatears Help With Dry Eyes?

The EyeSol technology of Novatears provides better benefits compared to water-based formulas, resulting in greater comfort for the eyes. Novatears is highly effective for dry eyes for the following reasons.

1. It helps lubricate the surface of the eye, which is the primary concern of dry eye patients.

2. It helps stabilise the lipid or oil layer of the tear film, preventing the tears from evaporating too quickly.

3. Novatears helps in increasing the thickness of the tear film.

4. It assists in the regeneration of the surface of the eye, leading to a more healthy state of the eyes.

Reminders in Using Novatears

1. Apply 1 drop of the solution in the affected eye up to four times a day.

2. Do not apply while wearing contact lenses since the solution might affect the lenses.

3. Don’t use Novatears if you’re still under 18 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding.

4. Allow at least 15 minutes interval in between application if you’re using other eye medication.

5. Don’t use Novatears if you have allergy with its main component, Perfluorohexyloctane.

6. Store the bottle below 25°C

Novatears received registrational approval as a medical device in Australia in October 2017 and is currently distributed by AFT Pharmaceuticals.

Key Takeaways: Why Choose Novatears?

Dry eye disease is a common eye condition and can be classified into two major types — Evaporative Dry Eye Disease and Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye Disease. Evaporative Dry Eye Disease is the most common type among patients. Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye Disease on the other hand, can lead progress to Evaporative Dry Eye Disease if not properly managed and treated.

Novatears is one of the many eye drop brands on the market today. But, Novatears is more special since it uses the patented EyeSol technology that provides comparable benefits than other existing brands.

Here are some reasons why Novatears is an excellent option for patients dealing with dry eyes.

  1. It is clinically validated.
  2. Novatears is well tolerated by the majority since it has no preservatives.
  3. Since it’s water-free, the solution is less susceptible to microbial growth. It lasts longer than water-based drops.
  4. It spreads evenly and quickly in the surface of the eye.
  5. It does not cause eye irritation or blurring of the vision, providing greater comfort for the patients.
  6. Novatears provide long-lasting effects and relief.

There are a lot of artificial tears available in clinics or over the counter nowadays. Choosing the perfect brand for your dry eyes is essential. As a rule of thumb, consult with your eye care provider before you start any medication or treatment plan.

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