How to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome – Our Guide

A lot of people suffer from dry eyes, and if you’re one of them, then you’re probably looking for relief for this condition. Dry eye syndrome happens when there’s no adequate amount of quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. When the eye is dry, it can be uncomfortable and painful.  Before we talk…

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Warm or Cold Compress for Dry Eyes: Which Is the Best?

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(When available, we use affiliate links and may earn a commission!) Dry eyes occur when the normal tears are out of balance. These tears provide moisture and lubrication to the eyes to make them comfortable or functional. Tears also protect the eyes from possible infection. Without the regular production of tears, the eyes are prone…

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Dry Eye Directory – How to Use Eye Drops Properly — Our Guide

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Eye drops are as commonplace as multivitamins and pain relievers. People often reach out for them when they experience dryness, itchy eyes, or infection. Eye drops can often deliver instant gratification, offering immediate relief to whatever causes irritation. Even so, when overused or applied incorrectly, eye drops, no matter how helpful they can be, may…

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5 Helpful Eye Exercises to Relieve Computer Eye Strains – Our Guide

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Eye strain due to prolonged exposure to the computer screen is a common cause of chronic headaches. As much as you want to work continuously, eye strains can distract you from your work and lower your productivity. Thankfully, there are ways to relieve eye strains that don’t require over-the-counter medicines. You can follow these five…

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4 Causes of Chronic Dry Eyes and How to Address Them – Our Guide

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If you’re dealing with dry eyes, you might be experiencing some stinging and gritty sensation, as well as seeing some redness on the eyes. This condition is due to the lack of sufficient tears to coat your eyes and can either be temporary or chronic. Dry eyes can cause a wide range of other problems…

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4 Tips to Help Counter Dry Eyes Using Omega-3 – Our Guide

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Whenever anyone is dealing with dry eyes, one of the things they will always do is to use eye-drops to relieve them. Unfortunately, that solution is only temporary, meaning that the eye will go back to drying again. What you may not know is that increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids is a long-term…

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